Jennifer Kay Tyre
For House Beautiful, Jennifer has arranged a double posthumous collaboration between architect John Moran and self-taught craftsman Harry Tyre.

John Moran's architectural drawings and personal photography is presented in its' original 35mm and 110 slide form by Jennifer Kay Tyre.

Jen Kay Tyre was raised by a pack of former potato farmers, children of potato farmers, children of former potato farmers, and potato farmers themselves, in a place you've probably never heard of called Palatka, Florida. She crochets, sews, and has a keen interest in the decorative arts in general. Jen is made uncomfortable by hair in drains, people singing along to Billy Joel with their eyes closed, and 'douchey' jeans on men. A relative of her Dad's once grew a humongous Turnip.

The architect John Moran was born in Chicago in 1938, and passed in 2006. He left behind many things: Some art, a lot of furniture, and many, many slides (the overwhelming majority of which document said art and furniture). He's remembered by his children and those who knew him for having a dry sense of humor, and for constantly worrying that you're gonna fuck up the couch because you're sitting on it with keys or some other mysterious 'sharp objects' in your pocket. Seriously, you don't have keys in your pocket, do you?

Harry Tyre was a car mechanic, proud Mensa member, and a very decent man. The entirety of his life was spent living discontentedly in Palatka, Florida. He took up woodworking later in life and squeezed as much of it as he could between reading bad science fiction, working on cars, and looking at the majority of the world with thinly veiled disdain.