Lara Kohl
Solutions for the Home, 2012

For House Beautiful, Lara will present a series of vignettes or three-dimensional freeze frames, not of the same narrative, but of overlapping, intersecting ones with very different trajectories coexisting constantly. These "home solutions" will be executed by the curator per the artist's instruction.

Solutions for the Home, 2012
, wedding band, whirlpool
crossing over, an inventory of everything that has come over the fence in 2012 - various objects, plastic bags, pen, paper, bird
50 feet away... 82xx Halford Street, Nate's lawn sculptures - Statue of Liberty, bird bath, figurative sculptures in gold cages
everything that happened here is happening here, mural, in progress for duration of exhibition, painted by Jane O'Neill

Lara Kohl is an interdisciplinary artist living in Brooklyn, NY. She collaborates with others to make projects for specific sites and situations. Her work looks at how we know what we know and reflects on the fact that the instruments and methodologies we employ necessarily frame our understanding of any moment.